mechBgon's guide to building your first PC from parts   : )
  1. Start

  2. Case prep 1

  3. Case prep 2

  4. Data and power cables

  5. Serial ATA stuff

  6. General motherboard/CPU info

  7. Testing & installing the motherboard assembly

  8. Installing the hard drive

  9. Final connections

  10. Security during Windows Setup

  11. Best practices for ongoing security

  12. Resources (drivers, diagnostics, links, online antivirus scans, antispyware resources)

  13. A brief visual glossary

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Intel LGA775 and LGA 1366 processor installation

Thanks to engiNURD for recommending this YouTube video that demonstrates how to install LGA775 processors: click here for the video. [b]engiNURD[/b] reminded me that this is also applicable to LGA1366 processors too :) thanks bro!

As I mentioned for the AMD64 page too, check out the SocketA mobo/CPU installation page to see the general routine for installing the motherboard assembly. The heatsink fastening and CPU installation are different, of course. Pay special attention to the warning about electrostatic discharge.